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Classplus review

ClassPlus is an app for managing and scheduling your study routine without keeping school diaries to remember everything at once. With a ClassPlus download, you get a chance to move your school, college, university assignments, tuition fees, and out-of-class communication to your iOS.

Functionality — 5/5

The ClassPlus app offers you a lot of features to facilitate your study and make it as simple as possible. You can stay in touch with all your classmates 24/7 via private chats or create an overall group chat. Exchange important information, make reminders of upcoming assignments, and exams, or communicate whenever you feel like doing it.

With this app, you can keep track of your tuition and expenses. It provides the user with a nice graph, which shows the required payments to be conducted, as well as schedules your next payment by receiving information from your department. Moreover, each ClassPlus review says that if it’s installed on a parent’s phone, it can send the parents regular reports about their child’s payment procedures.

Design — 5/5

Created for simplicity and usability, the ClassPluss download gives you access to a design that works. The main screen offers you an overview of your batches (groups), timetables, and chats. When scrolling through your batches, you can see all the study groups you’re assigned to. If there are any updates, the app shows them immediately to interact with them timely. To simplify the search, you can sort them by modification time, adding date, or popularity.

Your timetable batch is a useful tool to manage the time, location, and priority of upcoming events. Designed to look like a comfortable calendar, it’s easy to change, move, or delete an event in it. Press the date you need to access its menu and make modifications, turn off or on notification, etc.

When entering your chats, click on the one you need to text your colleague who will instantly receive a message via their ClassPlus free application. Also, you can add multimedia files and documents to your messages so that you don’t have to use an email or other platforms.

Usability — 4/5

The main perk of using the ClassPlus iOS version is that you can stay in touch with your classmates without disturbing them on any other social media platform. But to use all the functions of the app, your colleagues will also have to have the app installed on their smartphone.

When your connection is established, please create an account and bind it to your supervisor’s profile. Now, your supervisor has access to your personal information, timetable, and score. You can communicate via private messages or group chats, send each other files, arrange meetings, update each other’s schedules, etc.

Cross-Platform Use — 3.5/5

By installing the application, you can synchronize it with your Gmail and calendar to keep a better track of your events and activities planned. Moreover, when connecting to your classmates or couch, the application displays their main personal information, like birth, age, sex, and contacts. Thanks to this, you will always have a means of staying in touch with your colleagues no matter where you are.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer a proper Facebook or Linked-In synchronization. However, it’s still in the process of development.

In-App Purchase

To begin using the app, you need to purchase a subscription for you and your classmates. The developers offer a great array of options and discounts for students, supervisors, and parents. You can purchase a single-person subscription or combine it with your colleagues’ subscriptions and receive a family membership for cheaper and more efficient use.

Bottom Line

This product is excellent for people who can’t manage everything at once. It’s a perfect study and tuition planner for you, your children, or students, which combines a lot of features and gives excellent results. Use it to arrange meetings with your college teacher, make reminders of upcoming tests, and prioritize assignments.

Also, the app gives you an overall perspective on your tuition. Use it for managing your funds properly without losing money or being late with a payment.


Though there are minor deficiencies, download ClassPlus to experience a great variety of functions.


  • Only the demo version is free
  • Requires other students to use the app.


  • Personal timetables
  • Private and group communication options
  • Score and grade summary
  • Simple design.

Design 9

Key Functions 9

Usability 8

Cross-platform use 8

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