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MCPE Master for Minecraft PE

MCPE Master for Minecraft PE review

MCPE Master is a free app-launcher for Minecraft PE. It helps to maintain the latest version of MCPE. Merging the assets of an editor and a launcher, it will immerse all your incredible ideas to virtual reality.

Functionality 4/5

You should launch the Master for Minecraft tool right after starting the game. This app opens new possibilities in the game process. For instance, you can proffer the main character's abilities, for example, fly or invisibility. You can also choose a game mode and change the time of day. Besides, you get advanced server administrator features. The main advantage of MCPE Master stays in transferring functions to another player, no matter whether this app is installed on his phone.

Design 5/5

The MCPE Master for Minecraft-Launcher surprises players by its multifunctionality and user-friendly interface. The main window includes various sections for overall gameplay support and characters' development: maps, layers, skins, and mods. Each section includes a complete list of all accessible elements with detailed descriptions and tons of variations. 

Usability 5/5

This launcher enables several textures and lighting effects to your virtual characters. Besides, you will have a wide range of alternatives for crafting and advancing weapons arsenal, protection tools, food, territory, and transport. The database with all accessible objects is constantly growing and renewing by the developers.

Cross-platform use 4.5/5

Master for Minecraft- Launcher is a tool for advancing the game plot and everything associated to your Minecraft game. This app is compatible with every version of the Minecraft game except the Lite version. Play on servers by yourself or create a personal server for multiplayer games.

In-app purchases 

In-app purchases include: unlock all add-ons, unlock all maps, unlock all skins, unlock all textures, unlock all buildings, unlock all content, remove ads. It is not expensive but worth your attention.

The Bottom Line 

Master for Minecraft-Launcher is an outstanding possibility to play and fully enjoy every accessible function of the Minecraft game. Remember, that this is free for download in Microsoft store and use at any time app. With this app, you can modify the game plot and characters' appearance: adding experience, invulnerability, flying, changing the weather, and day time.


MCPE Master for Minecraft is a free launcher utility that opens more possibilities to obtain all the latest weapons, characters' appearance, mods, maps, servers, and many other things. Download this app and fully enjoy the game.



  • Incorrect display of the number of downloads for skins
  • Skins variations might not be installed for the first time.


  • Perfect import of objects like maps, skins, scripts (.js)
  • Modification of the game: flying, acceleration, and invulnerability.

Design 5

Key Functions 4

Usability 5

Cross-platform use 4

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