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Shabakaty Cinemana

Shabakaty Cinemana review

Shabakaty Cinemama is an app that combines several features in one place. You can use it as a TV, as the music app, as the movie and series station, and as a sports match tracker. Shabakaty Cinemama was released in April 2017 for Android and iOS platforms. You can download Shabakaty Cinemama on Google Play and Apple Store, respectively. It is completely free for all devices.

Functionality 4/5

Although the Shabakaty Cinemama platform combines several features, such as movies, series, music libraries, and TV platforms, the application that you can download and install on Android and iOS devices comes with only one main feature: is a convenient and easy to use sports match tracker. Using this app, you can follow the latest results of your favorite teams’ matches, view the previous ones, and upcoming.

Design 5/5

By default, the app uses dark mode. It means that in the background, the developers put a black color, most of the fonts are white or light grey. Shabakaty Cinemama review showed that the application has a slightly different design for Android and iOS devices. As for us, Apple’s design is more minimalistic and clear.

Usability 5/5

Shabakaty Cinemama has a clean interface with intuitive and easy to remember navigation systems. As we already mentioned, the design for Android and iOS devices differs slightly, but this fact does not influence the overall usability.

On the main page, you can notice the calendar on the top of the window. To switch between dates, you need to swipe the screen to the right or the left. If you stop on the date that has already been passed, then, you can click on any of the matches listed on this page, and see the detailed statistics with the touchdowns and thor time.

Also, there is a window with detailed information and stats about each company. You can view there the team’s performance and get useful sports insights. The same you can do with each player. Overall, the application has a lot of positive reviews about the functionality and interface.

Cross-platform Use 3/5

Shabakaty Cinemama app is available to download and install on the mobile devices run on the Android or iOS platforms. It is completely free, with no additional in-app purchases or premium subscriptions. The only disadvantage is that the interface is only available in English. For now, the app does not support other languages.

In-app Purchases

There are no in-app purchases neither subscription plans in Shabakaty Cinemama. You can install, download, and use the app for free. All users granted access to all app’s features once they installed Shabakaty Cinemama.

The Bottom Line

With Shabakaty Cinemama, you do not need to spend time searching for the match schedules and their results, all you need is to open the application and view all information on one screen. It is completely free to install and download on iOS and Android devices.


If you want to keep track of all sports matches, then download Shabakaty Cinemama on the devices.



  • No desktop versions
  • The interface is in English only.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Free
  • No in-app purchases.

Design 8

Key Functions 9

Usability 8

Cross-platform use 9

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