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Spin the Bottle: chat-n-flirt

Spin the Bottle: chat-n-flirt review

When you start the game, you find yourself at a table where other players have been waiting for you. Each player takes turns to spin the bottle. When the bottle points at you, choose – kiss or don’t kiss. When your turn to spin the bottle comes, decide – kiss or don’t kiss. Kiss players you like.
Meet people, give compliments and gifts, enjoy chatting and put on your favorite music while other players spin the bottle.
When you get and give gifts, you get achievements – Coffee Addict, Fluffy, Jack Swallow, Sportsman, Romantic and more. For every newly unlocked achievement, you get free hearts.
Sit at any table to meet new people, flirt and chat.
- Treat players to ice cream, coffee and cake and a sailor hat
- Woo the girls and give them tulips, teddy bears and topazes
- Switch on music that you like and level up your music player
- Show your heart and give away a winter hat, tea and candy
- Get more kisses and unlock new gifts — latte, Oscar figure, dummy, Aladdin’s lamp and more
- Throw tomatoes or give dummy to players you don’t like
- Sit at a shared table with players you’ve played with before
- Collect kisses from other players and unlock new gifts
- Play with players from Facebook
Please note! You can download and play Spin the Bottle completely free, but some in-game items can be purchased for real money.
The game requires an internet connection.
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