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Allahabad Bank emPower

Allahabad Bank emPower review

Allahabad Bank emPower is a free mobile application for legal entities and entrepreneurs from Allahabad Bank.

Functionality 4/5

On the main screen, you can switch cards using swipes. At the bottom of the main screen, there are now five tabs: the main screen, services, barcode scanner, archive, and chat. By default, the main screen has icons for quick access - "Top-up", "To the card" (transfers). Besides, users can add additional shortcuts. To do this, click "Add" and select the desired one from the list of services. If you click on "Wallet" - a menu with user cards, deposits and loyalty programs will appear. If you click on "Add a card", two options will appear: "Get an Internet card" and "Add a card from another bank".

Design 4/5

The design of the application is bright and memorable. The application is decorated in bright yellow and orange colors. All labels are highlighted in blue. The interface is very clear and intuitive. The design is simple and helps you quickly understand the application.

Usability 4/5

The upper part of the main screen is reserved for bank cards attached to the account. At the bottom, there are the most requested services. The developers promise users the opportunity to independently customize the list of services displayed at the bottom. There are now five buttons on the bottom control panel, a button to go to the main screen and a button for archive payments have been added. In addition to the visual changes, there are several functional improvements. Perhaps the main innovation is support for cards from third-party banks. 

Cross-platform use 3.5/5

The new version of Allahabad Bank emPower received a new architecture and a new core instead of the previous Corezoid (which one is not specified). This should speed up the application and allow more efficient development of the service, since Corezoid, as the developer's note says, had several drawbacks that caused problems in the platform.

In-app purchases

The application does not require any in-app purchases and is free for bank customers. All services are performed free of charge in the application. If the client needs to pay for the bank's service, this can be done at any branch.

The Bottom Line

The Allahabad Bank emPower app is a "repainted" old application, in which some options have become a little more convenient. It is one of the most technologically advanced Internet banks, and it will not be easy to improve it globally. All operations related to the transfer of funds require entering a password or a verification code received to the phone number authorized in the system. The application is fast and stable enough.


According to the bank, Allahabad Bank emPower is used by about 6.3 million people. And this is not surprising, because the application has extremely wide functionality. For example, this opens the opportunity to pay for many services from your smartphone (by the way, you can make a payment regularly), and you can also chat with the operator in chat mode.


  • Some features are limited.


  • Simple interface
  • Variety of functions
  • Support for multiple languages.

Design 4

Key Functions 4

Usability 4

Cross-platform use 3

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