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GCash review

GCash turns your mobile phone into a virtual wallet. Using the GCash app, you can pay for items and send money at the speed of a text message. With GCash, you’ll love the way you pay.
GCash Services
Buy Load: Purchase load for anyone on any network, anytime you need. Plus, get an instant 4% rebate every time you purchase Globe or TM load!
Send Money: Transfer funds to your loved ones anywhere in the Philippines without spending a cent on service fees.
Pay Bills: Skip the long lines when you settle your bills with GCash anytime, anywhere!
Shop Online: Splurge in your favorite international shopping, gaming, and entertainment sites without a physical card, with GCash American Express Virtual Pay - a virtual card linked to your GCash mobile wallet.
Withdraw from PayPal: Link your PayPal account to GCash and transfer your PayPal funds.
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