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StarBanking review

The StarBanking free mobile application from Bank CenterCredit is the most convenient and
easy way to manage your finances from your smartphone 24/7, wherever you are.
Advantages of StarBanking:
- Payments without fee;
- More than 2000 service providers;
- Currency exchange at a favorable rate;
- Setting up an alternative logon to the system by fingerprint, face scan or PIN code;
StarBanking is a service in which, regardless of the work of the Bank's branches, you will be
able to:
- Keep track balances on all bank accounts;
- Review the debt and repayment schedule for the loan;
- Manage brokerage accounts (in conjunction with BCC Invest): review balances and replenish
- Analyze your expenses;
- Pay for more than 2000 types of services;
- Repay loans at Bank CenterCredit and Zhilstroysberbank;
- Make intra-bank transfers between your accounts/cards, as well as to the accounts/cards of 3
- Make instant transfers to StarBanking users by phone number;
- Make transfers from the card to the card of any Kazakhstan bank (P2P)
- Make interbank transfers by requisites;
- Convert currency;
- Pay penalties and taxes;
- Open deposits and current accounts online;
- Order a card with an individual design;
- Issue/reissue the Visa/Master Card/Union Pay card;
- Set the limits on the card for withdrawing cash through an ATM, conducting Internet
transactions, paying at the points of sale;
- Connect to the services: “SMS-notification”, “E-mail-notification”, “Monthly statement”;
- Lock/unlock a card;
- Review the details of the blocked sums on the card;
- Review the history of payments and transfers;
- Quickly find on the map the nearest ATM or branch of the Bank and many other things.
We continue to work on improving the application and in the future we will introduce new,
equally useful and interesting functions.

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