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MyChart review

My Chart is a compact app that helps you take care of your health with a few simple functions. Download My Chart to keep your most important vitals in a single app, watch your body changes, and assist your physician in creating the most suitable healthcare guidance.

Functionality — 4/5

My Chart free app is your health planner. Here, you can create, update, and keep track of your essential health information. By designing your health care, you can observe your body changes in the long run without reviewing your health certificates all the time. With My Chart, you have a list of your vitals, test results, diet plans, and so much more.

The application is an integrated platform where you can inform your physician about your current health condition by sending them a weekly report. Moreover, you can join your account with your spouse’s and children’s profiles to help your family doctor watch over the whole lot.

Design — 4.5/5

My Chart iOS has a very comfortable and highly-functional interface. It consists of vitals, test results, appointments, and even billing. By accessing the vital Chart, you can update your heart rate, height, weight, age, blood type, etc. to create a full picture of your current state. Test results will provide a nice space for keeping the tests you’ve ever taken. This function can also give you a complete summary of your body changes to compare the effectiveness of present treatments.

In case you need to fix an appointment with your physician, it’s done easily by contacting them in the app. Your doctor will receive a request and either approve or disapprove it. Moreover, using your location, the app can provide you with a list of the nearest healthcare centers depending on your demand. Apart from showing hospitals and first-air institutions, it provides you with a price list and insurance poly compatibility.

Usability — 3.5/5

To take the most out of the application, you need to create your profile. If you’re using any other official app that records your vitals, it can ask you to download it from there. Otherwise, you have to put in all your info manually, which is very easy to do.
In the best-case scenario, your physician is also using the application. If so, you can request them to add you to their patient list. Now, you can communicate with the doctor by using an in-app chatroom, asking for appointments, etc.

Cross-Platform Use — 4/5

Again, as every My Chart review claims, you can transfer all your health information from similar applications. For example, if you’re using Health by Apple, your heart rate, calory burns, nutrition details, and other information will be instantly moved to My Chart.

Besides this, you can install security measures, like Pincode, Touch, or Face recognition, in case you want your personal information to be protected. And you can also synchronize the application with your smartwatch to show you your heart rate, blood pressure, etc.

In-App Purchase

My Chart latest version is completely free of charge. There is no need to pay for a subscription or purchase any additional functions.

Bottom Line

If you decide to use this app, you will shortly see the benefits of having all your health information on the tips of your fingers. It’s very easy and comfortable to install, use, and even share with friends. Moreover, it can be an essential companion should you have a strict diet to follow or underlying health conditions. In case of an emergency, doctors will always have quick access to your vitals to help you.


Download My Chart to be safe and sound wherever you go, with your vital information on your phone.


  • Manual information input.


  • Compact and functional
  • Free of charge
  • Easily compatible with iOS.

Design 7

Key Functions 8

Usability 10

Cross-platform use 8

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