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Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa review

Amazon Alexa is a mobile application, which you can download for free for Android and iOS devices. The program is designed to manage the system of intelligent home Alexa from the American company Amazon. To use this application, you must have an Alexa audio speaker of any model. 


Portable speakers Alexa perceive the voice of a person, so they are easy to control with words. The mobile application extends the list of basic functions and simplifies the smart home system’s management from any room. For example, through the application, you can turn on the house’s music, turn off the light, turn on or off the TV, turn on listening to audiobooks, and much more. Alexa portable speakers can perform many functions to control Bluetooth devices. You can sync lighting, TV, security systems, smart curtains, and more with Amazon speakers. Without additional devices, the Alexa speakers connect to the Wi-Fi network, playing commands. You can control these commands through this free Amazon Alexa application.


The latest version of Amazon Alexa has a minimalist interface of blue and white colors. Developers have not started to complicate the menu. They used a convenient and informative font, added infographics to the program, and integrated additional services on Amazon Music. The main screen displays information on the status of different rooms: living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom. By clicking on any button, you will see a list of available commands and a list of connected Bluetooth devices. The usability of this application is at a high level. 

In-app Purchases

Alexa applications from Amazon can be downloaded for free on Play Market and App Store services. You do not need to pay the tariff for using this mobile program. Additionally, you may only need to pay services such as Amazon Music (you can manage through this application). 


You need to download Amazon Alexa if you have a smart audio speaker with the same name. Use the application to manage your smart home conveniently. Take notes in your calendar, listen to music, create a shopping list with your voice, manage your wireless devices, etc. Positive feedback from users confirms that the program is stable and has no problems working on Android and iOS devices. 

The Bottom Line

The developers from Amazon managed to create a functional mobile application for their Alexa system. You can create an entire infrastructure from Bluetooth devices and manage them through this mobile application. The most useful function of the program is to create your own day mode and audio management. So far, not all wireless devices can be controlled through Alexa, but this will be corrected in the future. 


  • Only the English version available
  • Some Bluetooth devices are not supported


  • Simple and attractive interface
  • Easy synchronization with Bluetooth devices
  • No bugs or errors in the operation
  • Free version without tariffs
  • Wide functionality

Design 9

Key Functions 10

Usability 8

Cross-platform use 8

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