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Spotify Music review

Spotify is a music service that provides you with millions of tracks anytime your wish. The only thing is required from you is the stable Internet connection. Spotify has a special algorithm that will recommend you the music you may like. It analyzes the songs you listen to and finds similar results. For now, more than 100 million people have downloaded the application on their gadgets. You can download Spotify latest version on Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Linux platforms.

Spotify Functionality 4/5

It should be mentioned that you will not be able to register in Spotify if you live in Russia. The service is unavailable in this country. Spotify provides its users with online music. You can see playlists that were created by random users or authors themselves. The list of the songs updates every week. You are also able to see the Daily Mix playlist. You can search for millions of tracks, but sometimes you will hear some ads. To get the ad-free version of Spotify, you can buy a premium version. It should be mentioned that you cannot listen to music in offline mode.

Spotify Design 5/5

The design of Spotify is straightforward. The background is dark, but you will see all the icons. The text is also clearly visible. At the bottom of your screen, you will see a line with 5 icons. The first icon is called Home. There you will be able to see recommended playlists and songs that you have already listened to. The second icon is called Browse. There you can find songs of different music genres, view charts and new releases.
The third icon is called Search. There you can find songs. Just type the name of the author or the song name, and tap the Play button. The fourth button is called Radio. There you are able to listen to various stations. You will see a recommended station list. The last icon is called Your Library. There you can see the recently played tracks, playlists, authors you liked, etc.

Spotify Usability 4/5

Spotify works nice. It does not crush or freeze. However, you cannot play only one song. You have to create a Playlist to listen to music. If your playlist is too small, the app will start playing the recommended songs. This may be irritating.

Spotify Cross-Platform use 5/5

Spotify works nicely on all platforms. It does not require a strong device; however, you should have a good Internet connection. You can log in into your Spotify account from different devices.

In-app purchases

You can buy a Spotify premium. Spotify Premium provides you with an add-free application. You will also be able to play music offline. In addition, developers provide Spotify users with high-quality audio.

The Bottom Line

Spotify app is a nice application that allows you to listen to any music in a matter of seconds. The interface is simple. You can buy a premium version, but it is not necessary. We recommend you to download Spotify.


  • You can listen to any song you wish
  • Simple interface
  • Recommended playlists updates regularly.


  • You can listen to any song you wish
  • Simple interface
  • Recommended playlists updates regularly.

Design 5

Key Functions

Usability 4

Cross-platform use 5

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