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Groovo: Video Effects & Glitch

Groovo: Video Effects & Glitch review

Groovo is a rapidly growing music-centric, content discovery and creation platform. That means you can find cool stuff, discover different aesthetics, and uncover unique videos that bend your imagination. That also means you can create stuff like never before, and add a unique style to any picture or video. It's 100% free, with 0 ads and 0 watermarks
We’re kicking off fall with even more updates, including a brand new artist program. If you create music, you can have your music featured millions of times! To find out more about this program, email [email protected]
Thanks for being a part of Groovo! We’re excited to see the community continue to grow and feature more of your amazing videos!
More about Groovo:
~ Super Simple Edits ~
◾ Add Songs to Video, choose from over 30M+
◾ Beat-responsive dynamic effects
◾ Plenty of effects, from Futuristic & Glitch to Vintage & Film
◾ Add GIPHY and unique Groovo stickers
◾ Match your mood and use a recommended visual from us
◾ Trim & Adjust your clip and music
◾ AI-Powered Music & Visuals to guide you to the best edits
~ Join in the Groovo Community ~
◾ Explore the discovery feed for the best edits
◾ Reshare or like groovos to interact with other users
◾ Like someones style? Follow them for home feed inspiration
◾ Any video you make is automatically submitted to be featured for all users to see!
◾ Collect “reacts” on your groovos and watch them spread

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