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Chedraui review

Meet the new Chedraui mobile app to make the super without leaving your home or office, take advantage of the exclusive promotions and offers that we publish in our app exclusively and use your Mi Chedraui purse to pay for your purchases.

Browse through the different categories as if you were in the super. Easily create super lists to streamline the purchase process, if you are physically in a store, generate your shopping list in the application by scanning the products you want to purchase and you can complete and receive your purchase at home without having to wait in line. box area.

Meet our price comparator where you can verify the cost of a specific product against the competition and we guarantee that Chedraui costs less. You can add several addresses where you can receive your orders and select different payment methods.

You can receive according to your shopping preferences, promotions and exclusive discounts for you without having to download another application, so you will receive exclusives that will be a great savings when making your cart. Add discount coupons by scanning the barcode which you can apply to your purchases and keep saving.

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