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Getir is a mobile retailer that delivers more than a thousand everyday items instantly!
Getir is the solution to big city problems. Don’t bother with going out and shopping, at the tap of a button, Getir will bring you your needs within minutes.
When your cute dog (all dogs are cute) runs out of dog food, Getir is there.
Throwing a party and forgot to get snacks and sweets, Getir is there.
Broke or lost your charger and your battery is about to die? Getir is there.
Getir’s various forms of deliverers make up a network that strives to provide almost instant delivery to our customers.
Getir also facilitates quick and safe payment by credit card. Paying for your everyday items has never been this easy.
Have a problem with your delivery? Getir customer services is available 24/7!
Just say Getir, we’ll get it there!

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