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Shapeyard lets you create organic and hard-surface models in the infinite level of detail. Using simple and intuitive tools.

• Modeling. The way it should be.
Shapeyard removes the difficult and time consuming workflow. Leaving 3D artists with just what they’re best at – creativity.

• Goodbye, retopology.
Shapeyard models are built in the boundless level of detail. At export, the topology is auto created in any resolution set by the host system or artist.

• Edit, don’t redo.
Shapeyard models store the entire construction history including textures, which simplifies their editing. Implementing changes to one part doesn’t affect the others.

• Boundless texturing.
Shapeyard escalades industry-standard painting and procedural materials. No more pixels and UVs. Paint as detailed as you like. The rest is automized.

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