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Daisie review

Where creators learn.
Daisie brings creators together in classes hosted by industry-leading experts.

Live classes every day across film, music, fashion, photography and more.

Join the community — with hundreds of thousands of creators on Daisie, it's never been easier to learn, meet other artists and build lasting relationships.


- Build your own schedule and learn from industry experts.
- Receive feedback, gain insights and collaborate with likeminded creators after class.
- Learn alongside creators in the Daisie community at your own pace.
- Every workshop session is designed to be accessible for people with little to no experience to advanced creators alike.
- Discover daily workshops across a variety of arts industries, including masterclasses on:


Graphic Design



Art Direction

Video Production

Music Composition

Film Editing


Fashion Design

Fine Art

Creative Writing


Clothes Manufacturing

…and many more


- Grow as an artist. Meet peers to gain useful feedback that helps to develop your skills and build your confidence.
- From those just getting started to industry leaders in film, photography, literature, design, art, digital, makeup and beyond.
- Global, inclusive, accessible - we stand behind our belief that creativity should be for everyone, at all levels. All you need is the app.

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