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Hangouts review

Hangouts is a mobile app for exchanging text messages, files, and video broadcasts. The service was created in 2013, combining such programs as Google+ and similar. Developers from Google have decided to create a universal application for mobile devices and computers to provide free access to communication for users. Now, partly service Hangouts integrates with Meet so that Hangouts can be downloaded to mobile devices Android and iOS as a standalone application. 


The interface of the Hangouts application is not much different from other mobile messengers. As the main colors, the developers have chosen white and green. These colors were also used in the primary logo of the service. At the bottom of the screen, there are sections of the menu, including the contact page, text messages, call list, and favorites. In the menu of the text dialog with the user can be in one click, allow him to video or audio, and share a file. The interface is intuitive, and there are no difficulties with the perception of the functionality. 


The main function of this application is to communicate with other users. Access to text messages, audio, and video calls is free for an unlimited time. You can create groups of several users (maximum 150 people) and communicate with them, share smileys and files. Set your status with emotions and smiles. You can share a GIF or a funny image in a text message. You can also make group video calls in groups of up to 10 users. All calls for users of this application are free. You can make calls directly to your cell phone number. 

In-app Purchases

You can download this application to your smartphone or tablet for free. The basic functionality is available without payment. Audio and video calls are free for users who have the program installed. Please note that additional charges may be charged when calling a user who does not have Hangouts installed on their mobile number.

The Bottom Line

Mobile application Hangouts has a wide range of functions. It is a stable and functional messenger from Google. The only problem is the lack of a regular audience, as many are already switching to Telegram, Viber, and analogs. Therefore, Google developers have already offered users a replacement in the form of the service Meet. Perhaps Hangouts will not remain relevant for long. 


Download the free application Hangouts, if you need a stable messenger to communicate with friends and acquaintances. But this application is gradually losing relevance, as it is replaced by more modern and functional messengers. Therefore, the number of active users in the application decreases, which leaves a negative impact on the quality of updates and functionality. Developers no longer pay enough attention to this. 


  • Small popularity among users


  • Simple interface with straightforward menu and usability
  • Stability of operation
  • Free functionality

Design 9

Key Functions 9

Usability 8

Cross-platform use 8

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