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Your personal pocket assistant - for free! offers a marketplace with unique ways to make money. It’s easy and profitable!
Save time – Let others help you and use your time and energy more effectively - for enjoyable things. The human search engine is unique.
Whatever you need - a cheap holiday, the coolest party or the best craftsman - sit back and let it happen.
Do it or have it done - either way you profit!
Whether it is a business or private matter - covers it all:
● Daily life help
● Services
● Networking
● Business contacts
● Social network is a great business and social community whose members help and support each other! 50 00 helpers - any conceivable help or service is possible. The Jugl members are there for you 24/7!
The solutions offered by your personal helpers are as unique as your demands. The Jugl members know everything and have answers to even the most difficult questions! Anything is possible!
Whether it is a business or private matter - you can place an unlimited number of ads for free on! Promote yourself and your business. Attract new customers and accept offers.
In addition, you can assist other members, e.g. by doing research for them, and collect a commission (commission bonus). You will also be rewarded for keeping informed about new products (ad bonus)!
To summarise your advantages:
● Personal assistance 24/7 provided by 50 000 helpers
● a wide range/popularity with networkers
● increase your turnover/ build your passive income
● act independent of location
● worldwide contacts
● always up-to-date with news
● one app for everything – unique and unchallenged!
We are looking forward to building a new, gigantic network with you which doesn’t only reward powerful groups but also all enthusiastic individual users. The sooner you join, the more successful you can get.
No subscriptions! No rip-offs! It’s completely authentic! – Try it for free.

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