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MDK: the all-new

MDK: the all-new review

MAIN is a new type of crypto social network owned and operated by its users.

On MAIN, you can:
- Do everything the same as in other social networks: comment, make posts, vote for the content, create your own communities or join existing ones.
- Get MAIN tokens for your activity on the platform or as rewards from other users. Tokens are distributed every day to all MAIN users.
- Buy coins of any communities on the platform and take part in their management or earn on their growth.
- Withdraw tokens from the platform and exchange them for other cryptocurrencies.

On MAIN, you don't need to have followers to get noticed. If other people like your post, the feed algorithms will automatically bring it to the very top.

MAIN has no real names and no connection to your personality, so here you can be yourself and not be afraid to say what you think.

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MDK: the all-new MDK: the all-new
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