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Use Tamago to discover the joy of LIVE entertainment.
Tamago is a live streaming social network that lets you watch or broadcast live video anytime, anywhere. With Tamago, you can (1) be a super VIP; Interact with your favourite celebrities up close and personal, or (2) be a superstar, Tamago is your platform to showcase your talent and build your fan base.
Have you ever been this VIP? Tamago takes to the front row of the hottest events in town and brings you backstage, giving YOU direct access to the biggest stars in the region. And a sneak peak into their daily life, you can interact with your favourite stars, chat with them and send them virtual gifts to show your love.
Looking to showcase your hidden talents? Tamago is your stage! Broadcast your best moments on Tamago to build your fan base and get rewarded for your talent. Whether you’re a nine-to-fiver moonlighting as a rockstar, a university student with a knack for makeup tutorials, or someone who just loves being in the spotlight, Tamago gives you a stage to build your audience and pays you for it!
Use Tamago to:
* Watch your favourite entertainers as they broadcast in real time. From your favourite celebrities and influencers to local buskers and comedians, discover a wide variety of live video content on Tamago and be entertained!
* Real-time interact with your favourite celebrity by sending hearts or comments. Found an undiscovered local talent? Buy virtual gifts to show your support.
* Livestream your best moments anytime, anywhere. You could be checking out a new restaurant, whipping something together in the kitchen, or simply feel like breaking into song, showcase your individuality on Tamago. Grow your popularity and get paid when viewers buy you gifts during your live streams!
* Get access to exclusive content. Follow broadcasters on Tamago that can take you to the front row or backstage at special events, concerts and more. Get a sneak peak into the daily lives of A-list celebrities and more!

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