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Tungsten - Secure Messenger

Tungsten - Secure Messenger review

Tungsten is the secure messenger you have been waiting for:
• End-to-end encryption. All messages are fully encrypted. Our servers never have access to the contents of your conversations.
• Tor-based messaging. Tungsten enables truly anonymous messaging using Tor.
• Multiple profiles. Manage multiple profiles within the same app. Profiles are fully isolated from each other.
• Tungsten Sync. Securely migrate your profiles to a new or additional device without exposing any data to the cloud using Apple’s Multipeer Connectivity Framework.
• Anonymous profiles. Create burner accounts for doing stuff online that are not linked to your phone number or email.
• Hide PIN. Unlock your phone with a special PIN and make your anonymous profiles temporary disappear. Useful when you are forced to hand over your phone!
• And all the features that you would expect from a secure messenger, like device management, the ability to verify contacts, a secure iOS Share Extension and more.
Coming soon:
• Multiple platforms. Your messages are securely synced across all your devices so you never miss out on a conversation.
• Editing of messages.
Make sure to follow us on Twitter (@tungsten_labs) to receive news & product updates.

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