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HomeCourt - The Basketball App

HomeCourt - The Basketball App

HomeCourt - The Basketball App review

HomeCourt — The Basketball App is a revolutionary platform for those who are into basketball and feel like improving their skills daily. Download HomeCourt to find a new way of practicing the sport any time you want.

Functionality — 5/5

The HomeCourt iOS app gives you all the necessary tools to turn your living space into a basketball court. The main feature of the app is its visual AI, which leads you through your practice and is the central focus of each HomeCourt review. It gives you guidance and hints on how to improve your motor skills, reflexes, basic, and advanced techniques to perform like a professional NBA player. The application includes hundreds of training videos, basketball players’ interviews, and practical tasks to boost your motivation.

Design — 4.5/5

The interface of the HomeCourt latest version is a simple mosaic library of videos, lessons, and examples of the essential training exercises. Created by talented, professional players and couches, the app gives you as much information as you need at each stage of your training. Scroll down the list of videos to choose those that you find interesting for you.

Every lesson provides you with a self-taught responsive camera agent, which watches you exercise and offers you on-spot guidance to improve each move you make. Moreover, the agent will record your lessons and send them to a back-up server. They will be used to create your own progress assessment to showcase the results of each and every lesson you take.

To receive a fuller summary of your progress, you can access your profile menu to find the statistics. It shows your full progress from the first day you activated the account. Calculating your energy use, training time, and achievements, the app creates a personalized training plan only for you.

Usability — 4.5/5

After HomeCourt free download, you get access to the main interface of the app. There, you have to create a personalized account, indicating your height, weight, gender, sports preferences, as well as your occupation (couch, athlete, etc.) The app sets up your preference list and finds the best suitable program according to your background.

As you begin to utilize the app, it will provide you with many fun challenges, achievement goals, titles, etc. to boost your motivation. It’s also good for comparing your progress with the progress of other users (if you’ve made your account public, of course).

Cross-Platform Use — 4/5

The application easily connects to your Gmail, Facebook, or iCloud account. This makes it easier to set up a profile and synchronize it with your friends’ list to invite them to join the app and start exercising with you. As you begin your training, you will have to allow the app to access your camera and mic, as well as notifications. This improves your in-app interaction, causing the digital agent to stay in touch with you, remind you of your training schedule, or give tips on your daily routine.

In-App Purchase

Following your HomeCourt install process, the app will offer you a free 7-day trial option to try out the product. In case you’ve found it satisfying, you can purchase either a monthly or a yearly subscription. Both options are reasonable, but the yearly one offers you a 30% discount, which is quite impressive.

Bottom Line

The HomeCourt app is an online training platform for people who are always striving for perfects. Suitable both for children and adults, the product has an extremely user-friendly interface and offers a vast array of functions in a single package. Each feature is a well-designed training approach to improve your skills, dexterity, and agility while playing basketball.


Download HomeCourt to become a better version of yourself at home.


  • Requires full access to your mic and camera
  • Cheating on the leaderboard.


  • Interactive and fun
  • Professional training programs
  • Reasonable price
  • In-app competitions.

Design 8

Key Functions 8

Usability 9

Cross-platform use 8

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