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Uber review

Uber is an app that provides you with a fast and comfortable way to get to your destination. As the number one traveling application, the company has already arranged millions of routines for millions of people around the world. Download Uber to have an efficient and affordable means of transport on your iPhone.

Functionality — 5/5

With Uber iOS, you don’t need to wait for a taxi pick-up, but you can turn any nearby car into your means of transport. The application unites thousands of drivers around you into a single car-rental community (described down below in this Uber review). By typing in your desired destination, the app will calculate the distance from your current location and provide you with the exact price for every ride individually. Now that Uber covers approximately a thousand cities, towns, and rural areas worldwide, it takes less than five minutes to find a driver, willing to give you a lift.

Design — 4.5/5

The Uber free download provides you with an easy-to-use interface to create even the most complicated routine. When opening the app, it shows your current location and all the available cars nearby. By pressing on a car, you can see its plate number, photo, and availability. After you’ve chosen your destination on the interactive, constantly updating the map, it will display the exact routine your pick-up will take you through. The company does care about your safety, therefore, they always keep an eye on every driver by asking you to assess the quality of your ride each time your trip is over.

Since the application is completely digitized and you don’t need to contact customer support for placing your order, you pay online. Bind your credit/debit card to your account, and the app will charge it as soon as the trip is over. Moreover, if you often use the app, you can create shortcuts for the places that you are likely to travel to next time, like Home, Work, Train Station, etc.

Usability — 5/5

The Uber latest version is very simple to install and even simpler to use. After creating your account and setting up some preferences, you have to bind it to a credit/debit card for instant payments. Open the app and allow it to find your geolocation. Then, request a ride by pressing the big button under the map. While processing your requirest, the app will show you all available cars at the moment and match you with one of them.

When you’ve arrived at your destination, the driver presses ‘Finish the Ride’ on his app, which will instantly charge with the money it has previously calculated. Also, Uber will ask you to leave feedback on your experience to recommend the driver to other people.

Cross-Platform Use — 4/5

Uber is here to simplify your life, so it perfectly synchronizes with your bank account to make the easiest money transfer possible. You don’t have to send confirmations or even enter your online banking. The app will do it. Also, establishing your current location is vital for a good-quality ride. So, the app estimates your geolocation on the spot, using Google Maps.

Bottom Line

Uber is a new step towards careless and comfortable car rents. It gives you an opportunity to find a ride wherever you are and wherever you go, as long as you have Internet access. Its simple design doesn’t confuse you, nor does it require any special understanding of how online car pick-ups work.

Thanks to the company’s constant checks and driver evaluations, their services are improving with every single install. Rate the driver, leave them online tips, or save them in your contact list. Make the best out of your Uber experience.


Download Uber to find out what real pick-ups look like wherever you are wherever you’re heading.


  • Some areas are less likely to have a driver around
  • Difficult to cancel a ride once it’s been approved.


  • Covers almost 1000 cities all over the world
  • Instant price estimation
  • No additional charges
  • Tips and rating for drivers.

Design 9

Key Functions 9

Usability 9

Cross-platform use 10

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