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ChromeCast review

The original version of the ChromeCast application had a function to manage media in the house. However, recently the developers from Google have integrated this functionality into the full-fledged program Google Home, which you can download for free on Play Market. With the updated version of ChromeCast (Google Home), you can control various devices in your home, including lighting, media, security system, and much more. 


The application is made in the corporate style of Google. For the background was selected white color. Other elements are made in black or color design. Menu sections have a round shape with pictures, which correspond to the functionality. For example, to go to the lighting control section, you need to click the button with a drawn lamp. It is convenient because the control is intuitive. Several interesting solutions have been implemented in usability. For example, you may display the camera’s image on the front door in a couple of clicks on your mobile device screen. All fonts are comfortable for reading comfort, so the information in the application is clearly perceived. 


This app is designed to manage your own home. Integrate it with any Bluetooth device, including Google Nest and Chromecast. After integration, manage the devices remotely over a wireless connection. You can adjust the lighting in the presence of Bluetooth bulbs, control the video surveillance system, open and close the curtains, control the TV, audio system, and many other elements in the house. Special attention is given to the function of temperature control and even the speed of the Internet connection. It turns out that in one application contains all the tools to manage the house and auxiliary devices. As practice has shown, many Bluetooth devices from different manufacturers support this application. 

In-app Purchases

Download this application you can for free on your Android device. Developers from Google have made the program’s functionality available to all users without any payment and tariffs. You can use the application for an unlimited time for free. But to use the functions of the program requires the connection of Bluetooth devices. Without synchronization with devices, the app is meaningless. 

The Bottom Line

Developers from Google managed to create a multifunctional application for home management. Users rated the program more than 4 points, which is a good indicator. More than 100 million users actively use the application on their smartphones and tablets. It is a guarantee that all the functionality works steadily without crashes or errors. 


Download this application for free, if you need a home helper. Manage different devices and make from your apartment or country cottage a real smart house with remote control. 


  • Integration with not all kinds of Bluetooth devices


  • Pleasant interface
  • Stable operation on Android devices
  • Functionality

Design 10

Key Functions 10

Usability 9

Cross-platform use 8

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