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6 Awesome Apps To Learn Languages

Learning languages is an extremely valuable skill that not only provides you with more job opportunities but also helps you learn about different cultures, communicate with interesting people, and improve the understanding of your own language. Here we offer you to take a look at six excellent free applications created to help you learn different languages in a way that is both efficient and fun.

1. Duolingo

 Duolingo is one of the most popular apps designed for learning of languages thanks to its great design, convenience, and ease of using. Similar to other apps mentioned in this article, the focus of Duolingo is on making the process of learning as exciting as possible. If you do well during your lessons, you will receive different points and bonuses that will be displayed to your friends in the app. Also, if you’re serious about your studies, you can enable daily reminders so that you definitely remember to complete your lessons. A great thing about this app is that you get to read and translate real-life articles, thus not only practicing the language but also learning something useful. 

2. Memrise

Memrise is another great app that provides you with an opportunity to explore more than a hundred languages. In the app, you will find a great number of courses and games as it’s not a secret that people are more willing to learn something in an entertaining manner. You can set goals and get rewards, thus getting even more motivation to continue. The app keeps track of your progress and allows you to review what you have learned at the time when it’s most needed. The app is already used by millions of people worldwide, and you will definitely find it both easy to use and highly effective.

3. HiNative

HiNative is an application created to connect people from different cultures by the principle of asking and answering the questions. With the help of the app, you’re able to get your answers from people from more than 170 countries, thus learning the language in the most natural way. Besides typing your questions, you have an opportunity to record your voice, thus getting the feedback on your accent and pronunciation. You can make your questions more accurate by adding pictures, which is especially useful if you’re not sure about certain words that are written on labels, menus, or you want to find a meaning of a specific hieroglyph. It’s definitely a great app to install on your device and use to practice your language skills.

4. Babbel

Another application that you may want to consider while learning languages is Babbel. You can use an app to learn fourteen languages with the help of engaging lessons, straightforward explanations, and creative approach to grammar. One lesson generally lasts for 10-15, and then you get an opportunity to check what you have learned. The lessons that you get are created to help you learn a great number of different topics, including business, travel, culture, and others. Whether you’re a complete beginner or you already know something, you will still benefit from the app by choosing the lessons depending on your level.

5. Brainscape

As opposed to the previous apps, Brainscape is not an app created specifically for those who learn languages, but it can easily be used for this purpose. The application allows you to create, share, and find various flashcards to learn whatever you possibly need. The flashcards with words or phrases will be shown to you at a certain frequency, and your task is to rate them depending on how well you remember them. Such rating determines the next time the flashcard will be displayed to you. Using the app, you can easily find the flashcards created by different educational establishments, schools, and publishers, so you can be confident in their accuracy.

6. Busuu

Busuu is undoubtedly an application that you should consider if you can’t commit to learning a certain language without some help. With the help of Busuu, you will be able to learn 11 languages, including Italian, French, German, Japanese, and others. You can use this application to expand your vocabulary, listen to audio dialogues, improve your pronunciation with challenges, and play different language games. Checking your knowledge is also far from boring with entertaining quizzes and vocabulary games. One of the prominent advantages of this app is that you can use it offline.

Learn languages without stress

Deciding to learn a language can be quite intimidating with the number of grammatical rules and words that you have to remember. At first, the process may seem extremely boring and tedious, so a lot of people quit this idea before getting any real results. Fortunately, with the help of language app, the learning experience become more enjoyable, and you will improve without having to try hard.