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The Definitive iOS 14 Gaming Guide

Apple’s recent iOS 14 beta has brought a lot to a mobile gamer. And then it took some things away. For starters, iOS 14 games will have better controller support, which is nice for both iPhone and even iPad owners who hate swiping their screens without the game recognizing the correct input.

Gaming on iOS also brings in button remapping as well as access to advanced options and button mapping controls.

iOS 14 Concept for Gamers

As I’ve already mentioned, iOS 14 comes with advanced controller support. Xbox Elite and Xbox adaptive controllers are yours to plug and play as you see fit.

More on the matter, the new platform offers keyboard and mouse support, effectively turning one’s iPad into a miniature mobile gaming PC. Yep, expect a lot of PC-classics that you could not have imagined playing on a touchscreen making their move to the Apple Store in the near future. What a time to be alive!

That being said, few mobile apps on the market support the same features. It will be up to the developers to introduce new, mesmerizing ways of utilizing the capabilities iOS 14 brings to the table. Until then, the update doesn’t offer anything other than a scratch to your “I wanna check it out” itch.

The Downsides of Gaming on iOS 14

For starters, the lineup of iOS 14 supported devices is slim. You will need to rely on a new model of an iPhone or an iPad to get qualified for the beta.

Secondly, the OS is still in beta, which means you’ll be seeing bugs and glitches. Some games such as Niantic’s Pokémon Go simply don’t work on the beta.

All in all, the platform shows a lot of promise for gamers, but I’d still suggest waiting for the official release.