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The Most Action-Packed Games Available On iOS In 2020

iOS games 2020 have come a far way from being the casual time killers they were back in the day of the original iPhone. Both the OS and the hardware have made a massive leap allowing for the level of gameplay we could only dream of reaching on a console or PC a decade ago.

The out-of-the-box approach makes the best action games for iOS much more and user-friendly, while support for controllers has offered a unique gameplay experience that is not limited by the touchscreen. If there has ever been a time to play an action game on your phone – that time is now!

Best Action Games iOS Edition

So, what will we be treating ourselves to on our favorite mobile platform of choice in 2020? Oh, the list is limitless. That’s why I took the liberty of collecting the best shooters, adventures, and action rpg iOS has to offer. The list is based on both the user score and my personal experience with the game. 

  • Modern Combat 5 Blackout: This is a slick, Call of Duty-like militaristic shooter with otherworldly graphics I never knew my phone was capable of pulling off. The gameplay is well-designed and adapted for touchscreens. The shots feel real. Audio and recoil add weight to every shot. 
  • Fortnite: The undeniable champion of battle royale games has been a staple on the action-packed arena of iOS players ever since its introduction to the platform. I doubt the game needs a better introduction. 
  • Gangster New Orleans: this fascinating blend of GTA V and Mafia hammers in the console-like gameplay of an AAA action-adventure. Drive cars, shoot guns, and enjoy a fabulous, stylized world from the comfort of your iPhone.

Miss Anything?

Did I miss any cool action or adventure games you really enjoy? Feel free to share them with the community in the comments section below!