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Xbox Game Pass Looks Super Slick With The New iOS Update

Xbox Game Pass, a monthly subscription service from Microsoft that allows gamers access to cloud gaming and a library of 200+ AAA games has just rolled out a new iOS app update.

The upgrade is massive, as it overhauls the entire interface of the application opening access to new, much-needed functions. For starters, players can now freely swap between their passes for Xbox or PC within the app. Secondly, the sections that inform you about new games, news, or discounts are much more crisp and intuitive.

The new look and feel of the app have already divided the Reddit community. Most users, however, are praising Microsoft for the redesign.

What’s even more interesting about the update is that some industry experts believe this is simply a foreshadowing of the interface we are about to witness in Microsoft’s yet to be launched next-generation consoles—Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Is there anything else you’d like to know about the new Xbox Game Pass app on iOS? Or would you like to learn more about Xbox Elite controller support on iOS 14? Don’t be shy, leave your questions and especially thoughts on the new look and feel of the app in the comments section below!