In the world of car audio systems there are numerous companies that manufacture a range of products that are of high quality performance levels. The companies serve the need of many of us in that they make it possible for us to be able to listen to our favorite music while driving. These companies are always at developing their products so as to give us car audio systems of progressively higher quality. One such company is that that of Eclipse Car Audio, a subsidiary company of Fujitsu-Ten, that is a leading innovator in the field of car audio systems.

All of the Eclipse Car Audio products are a result of extensive research and development processes, and are known for their excellent performance and quality. The company has a wide range of car audio items in its product range and every one of the products is of very good quality. In case you have decided to install an Eclipse Car Audio system in your car, you can rest assured of being able to listen to music from an audio system that with its virtual DVD theater effect is one of the best in the world.

Eclipse Car Audio offers many advanced features in its range of car audios. One of their best innovations can be observed in their speakers which allow you to control their sound output quality. It has been noticed that the music quality of several car audio systems does not have the desired sounding effect. This is because the music from the car speakers reaches the person inside the car at different times. Now Eclipse Car Audio has countered this commonly found defective output by designing its sound output in such a way that music from the different speakers is delayed appropriately and then released together so that you get to experience the sound from different speakers all at once. This product innovation will let you control the sharpness in performance of the speakers, thus enhancing the clarity and the overall quality of the sound.

Certain models of the Eclipse Car Audio systems come with the surround sound feature installed. This feature when activated in your car gives you the sound effects which are very similar to that from a surround sound movie.

The Eclipse Car Audio systems also offer other features through add-ons in your car. Some of the Eclipse Car Audio systems by default come with a digital street map that is driven by a satellite signal receiver. This facility gives you precise directions while you are driving in different and sometimes unfamiliar places.

Another of the novel and innovative features of the Eclipse Car Audio systems is designed to enhance the security. The Eclipse Security Network or ESN Security, as it is known, disables the entire Eclipse Car Audio system (the system will stop working) when anyone tries to steal the radio. As a further measure of security, the only way to get the system to work again is to bring it to the notice of Eclipse Car Audio. The company has tested this security feature system to perfection and is so confident of that it offers a free replacement in case your Eclipse Car Audio is stolen.

Now with all these features, it is no wonder that the Eclipse Car Audio system is one of the best car audio systems that you can confidently install in your car.