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Fortnite review

Fortnite is a free-to-play cooperative action game about zombie-apocalypse in the open-world, made in a cartoon style. You will have to explore the world, fight off the attacks of the living dead, and defend your territory. In addition to the exploration mode, there's also a battle royale mode in which players can also build their fortresses.

Graphics 5/5

All the actions are seasoned with cartoonish style and its stylistic features. Initially, the creators of Fortnite didn't want to create a game in the style of a zombie apocalypse. But gradually, experts were able to find a solution, as a result of which the game became a pleasant cartoon action with an interesting idea.

Gameplay 5/5

Literally from the first minutes of the game, when you jump out of the bus, you can notice that you can get in-flight to almost any part of the island, especially if you jump somewhere in the middle. The island itself isn't very large. Killing enemies is fast enough because you can kill an opponent with one shot of a shotgun. In addition to standard elements, Fortnite is pleased that you have the opportunity to use the mechanics of the original game - build and destroy. You can build a real castle around you, which the enemy will have to break through with whatever tools. The ability to build walls, ceilings, and stairs around you give you an excellent maneuver for strategies. The most unusual and beautiful islands will be displayed on the map of the royal battle in the "Surroundings" section.

Controls 4/5

Fortnite system requirements show you hardware settings that allow you to start the game without noticeable performance drops - with comfortable FPS (frames per second) and adequate download speed. Minimum system requirements Fortnite displays a PC configuration option, on which the game will work stably at minimum settings without causing any tangible discomfort.

Replay Value 4/5

Immerse yourself in the shareware royal battle with 100 players, which is becoming better and crazier with each new season. Explore the vast locations that are destroyed during the battle, and build strong fortresses, gain and lose items. Act together with friends to deserve victory in the battle.

The Bottom Line

Become part of a multiplayer game that is constantly evolving and includes three main modes, each of which has unique gameplay, awards, and surprises. Make friends in exciting knockout matches and fight to the end. Work together to build your dream world in Fortnite creative mode or team up with three friends to fight packs of monsters in Storm Fight mode. Each mode is constantly evolving thanks to a weekly update that adds weapons, events, and seasonal bonuses that change the game world.


Together with friends, invent new games, drive around the island, and create your dream Fortnite gameplay with your own rules.



  • The original concept of the game
  • Modernized graphics
  • The ability to fight with other players.


  • Lack of vehicles
  • Lack of ballistics.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 4

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