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Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor review

The Hello Neighbor game belongs to the survival horror genre. The main character neighbor sets traps, surveillance cameras, and constantly interferes with getting to where one would like. The game was developed by the Russian studio Dynamic Pixels and published by TinyBuild since 2016. Its latest version was released in 2017.

Graphics 4/5

Interesting art and animation look good, and everything looks very concise. The style of the game is funny and enjoyable: intense sound effects and typical horror elements curiously resonate with colorful graphics. Many locations are made soundly, interiors are pleasing to the eye.

Gameplay 4.5/5

The main character in the game Hello Neighbor is an observant and curious boy. He is very interested in the neighbor opposite, who is behaving strangely. He shoved someone into the basement and locked it, and left the key to it in the attic. The boy decided to find out what is going on in the neighbor’s house. The whole game is an attempt to find out how much your neighbor is out of his mind by solving various puzzles. A neighbor will try to catch you and throw you back to the beginning of the location. The story begins very vigorously and promisingly: our hero becomes a witness, to which his neighbor is involved. A guy sneaks into a strange house to find out what a potential criminal is hiding in his basement.

Controls 4/5

To play Hello Neighbor you need certain computer hardware options. The installation program file is supported by Windows Vista version 7, 8, 8.1. RAM should be 4 GB. You can also play on the phone with the Android version from 2.0. The entire process of passing the game takes from 8 to 26 hours. The mechanics remain the same throughout the game: the hero can take things, throw them, and also use some of them. A neighbor roaming around the house dilutes the routine with short races.

Replay Value 4.5/5

The final episode comes too unexpectedly and deepens misunderstanding. You don’t immediately believe that the final episode is the ending of a confusing detective story. The game has a huge number of secrets and confusing moments, and therefore you want to play it again to solve every puzzle.

The Bottom Line

The game "Hello Neighbor" is an interesting quest. The mission of the main character is to unravel the secrets of the neighbor's house. As it turned out, a tragedy had happened before. The neighbor’s wife, the boy’s mother Aaron, died, and the boy, being in a state of passion, threw his sister off the roof, as a result of which the girl died. A neighbor locked the boy in the basement and began to hide this secret, and the brave Nick decided to get to the bottom of the truth.


Hello Neighbor is a game for an amateur to study every pixel of the level, solve riddles inaccessible to the ordinary human mind, and enjoy the unexpected tricks of the program code.



  • Nice visual style
  • Mysterious, philosophical plot
  • The abundance of "quests".


  • Bug with flying objects
  • A bug with object textures.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 4

Controls 4

Replay Value 4

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