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Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles review

The Magic Jigsaw Puzzle Game is a fun, child-friendly application for the whole family. This puzzle-solving game is perfect for children and adults who like to spend their free time with use. Since the release date in 2011, this iOS application has won the hearts of thousands of people with interesting tasks that follow each new update. The Magic Jigsaw Puzzle coming out has changed the way we think of old-school puzzle games.

Graphics — 4/5

This Magic Jigsaw Puzzle review is meant to show you that even simple, somewhat rough graphics can create a pleasant in-game experience. The Magic Jigsaw Puzzle unblocked version provides high-resolution images to work with. Each picture is either a professionally-made photo or a good-quality stock picture with sharp details and attractive exposition.

When playing the game, you get involved in recreating the most beautiful, detailed, and sometimes fascinating images you can find online. Every piece you use for a picture’s creation is a well-drawn, no-pixel bit of graphics. The process of discovering the game’s visuals makes you appreciate little details even more.

Gameplay — 5/5

Simple and straightforward in its purpose, the Magic JigSaw Puzzle iOS game offers an involving journey where you get to put together pieces of plain photos, intriguing pictures, and famous paintings. Here, you will find your favorite movie characters, travel destinations, and simply beautiful landscapes to assemble.

Yes, the game may seem quite simple at first. But those who have dealt with puzzles before know how tenacious and confusing the activity can be. You need to start a whole new image from scratch, which is quite complicated. But the more pieces you find, the easier and more fun the game gets.

With its high-resolution graphics and thousands of images, the application is an endless yet engaging quest. By accomplishing challenges and finishing tasks, the game will provide you with more and more pictures, each more complex than the other. By this rate, you can discover new historical landmarks, meet extraordinary animals, and have fun with your favorite animation characters.

Controls — 5/5

There is nothing easier than to control the process of image creation. The Magic Jigsaw Puzzle free app will lead you through the game by giving guidance when needed. Meanwhile, you have to use your on-screen buttons to choose where each specific piece has to go. Slide the piece menu left to right to see what other parts you’re missing.

Make sure to upload a picture of your own whenever you get stuck in the process or simply want to play with your images. The app allows you to access your camera roll easily by pressing a few buttons.

Replay Value — 4.5/5

Thanks to over 25,000 images the game provides you with, your fun time doesn’t end. New and fresh pictures will pop up out of nowhere when you expect it the least. By solving a puzzle, the Magic JigSaw Puzzle latest version will award you with the in-game currency that you can exchange for new images or hints.  In case you want more opportunities to solve puzzles, you can upload your photos or pictures and let the game disassemble them to create new tasks.

Bottom Line

As the game offers a boundless number of rounds and challenges, it’s very unlikely to get boring. After getting tired of it, you’ll want to come back to the game and solve a few more problems. This, we think, is excellent proof that the game is worth at least trying out.


Download Magic Jigsaw Puzzle to have a place for your brain to work and your mind to rest.


  • No level limitations
  • User-friendly interface
  • Vibrant colors
  • Awards and bonuses.


  • Accepts only JPG files
  • Many ads.

Graphics 6

Gameplay 9

Controls 9

Replay Value 7

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