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Minecraft review

Minecraft is a builder-simulation game where there is little to no limit to what you can do. Download the Minecraft game to be a part of an international community. Since its release date in 2009, the game has conquered millions of hearts with every update and adds more to the content with each Minecraft coming out.

Graphics — 4.5/5

This Minecraft review, as well as many others, will convince you in the beauty of the not-so-beautiful in-game graphics. The game is stylized to look like the 80s-90s Playstation RPG with cubical characters, rough edges, and pixel-like surroundings. It might disturb you, but as the game unravels, you begin to realize how involving and soothing the visuals are. Accompanied by tranquil ambient music, the surroundings encourage you to be as creative as possible, building a world of your dreams.

Gameplay — 5/5

The Minecraft Gameplay is a kind of art. Here, you begin the game with nothing but a few tools in your sack, stuck in an alien environment. As you discover the area, you gather items, collect resources, and improve your vision of your architecture. Your job is to build and rebuild, abandon, and destroy; defend, and protect. Your project will be even bigger and more grandiose than the previous one, limited only by your imagination. When creating a shed, a fortress, or even a spaceship, your skills and vision will improve, spurring new projects.

Apart from building, you might also want to fortify your current creations, since dangers are afoot. Your farmland can get swamped by a horde of zombies, craving to feast on your crops and brain. Design traps, weapons, and mazes to prevent them from getting to you and your friends. By the way, a well-contrived multiplayer allows for cooperation with other players to increase your survival chances.

Controls — 4.5/5

The Minecraft game online is a first/third-person simulation, controlled with a few handy buttons on your smartphone screen. Use the arrows on your left to move around the area, dash away from enemies, and get through groves and burrows. Also, use the controls on your right to interacting with the environment, communicate with other players, and defend yourself against threats. Make sure to jump when needed, and swim when escaping brain-eaters.

Replay Value — 5/5

Since the Minecraft latest version is a full-blown multiplayer, there is no limit to what you can and cannot do. While interacting with hundreds of players at the same time, you’re always engaged in group projects, building competitions, survival matches, etc. Here, you can try and fail, and you will never be fed up with it in a constant striving for greatness.

Bottom Line

The Minecraft free game is a marvelous opportunity to try on a builder’s shoes. Thanks to the boundless DLC, which is regularly updated and enriched, your building canvas will never end. If you’ve ever wanted to see the process of a world’s creation for yourself, then you might get a chance here. Moreover, you will partake in it by realizing your greatest, most wild dreams, and visions.


Download Minecraft for experiencing a brand new world made by you and for you.


  • Limitless building areas
  • Live player cooperation
  • Constant updates
  • Beautiful music and visuals.


  • No offline mode
  • High ping.

Graphics 6

Gameplay 7

Controls 8

Replay Value 8

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