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Secret Neighbor

Secret Neighbor review

Secret Neighbor is a mix of survival horror and puzzle adventure game where your main task is to run away from evil Neighbor. Pick up your own team and get into the bloodcurdling house of your enemy. Download Secret Neighbor and save Nicky from being trapped into the basement.

Secret Neighbor Graphics 5/5

Secret Neighbor was made as a horror game without actually showing the horrible pictures to us. It has a more psychological intensity, while the picture remains bright and even lovely. In this Secret Neighbor review, we must praise Dynamix Pixels and Hologryph awesome work with atmospheric design and amazing suburban surroundings. Every small detail in the house can be a part of the puzzle, so it is well-developed. Seasonal updates bring a variety of new colorful costumes to choose from.

Secret Neighbor Gameplay 5/5

Secret Neighbor game is complex. It was made as a part of the Hello Neighbor universe. The action takes place in-between the 1st Act and the 2nd when Nicky got trapped in the basement of his Neighbor. Now you and up to 5 your friends have to save him, avoiding numerous traps set by Neighbor.

If you think that Secret Neighbor horror game looks tougher than Hello Neighbor, you are probably right. In this part, you can actually die for real. The Neighbor becomes even smarter and can transform into one of your friends. He also has numerous creepy costumes to scare you. Sometimes, Secret Neighbor full games are getting too intense, and it has an age restriction you’d better respect. Malicious Neighbor can also be played by one of your friends or even you. In this case, you may try different approaches to hunt other players.

Your main goal in Secret Neighbor’s latest version is to get into the house of your Neighbor. Gather all the possible keys while you are exploring the house. You have a limited amount of time. A neighbor can hear your steps. Once you open the basement, you win.

Secret Neighbor Controls 4/5

Despite the fact that controls in Secret Neighbor game are really intuitive and probably familiar to everyone who played games on the Windows platform, you still have to learn them. You will not have enough time after you enter the house from your nightmares. Secret Neighbor game online offers you to switch on your headset and microphone, to chat with other players and get vital updates. However, without a really fast Internet connection, there may be glitches.

Secret Neighbor Replay Value 5/5

The Secret Neighbor game definitely has the highest replay value in the Hello Neighbor series. Just take a look at numerous roles you can play. You may turn into one of the children’s characters or play Neighbor himself. In both cases, you will have different goals in front of you. Secret Neighbor unblocked seasonal goodies make it interesting to enter the game during different holidays and check new costumes of snowmen, Santa, elves, or reindeers.

The Bottom Line

Being a part of Hello Neighbor series, Secret Neighbor game is a classic survival horror game with unique graphics and a number of puzzles you have to solve. It is a multiplayer game, and your friends can join you to spend time in this weird house. The game offers you to reveal your potential as a leader, show everyone your brave heart, or full everyone playing for the team of evil Neighbor.


  • Bright graphics
  • Numerous challenges
  • Multiplayer mode
  • High replay value.


  • Bright graphics
  • Numerous challenges
  • Multiplayer mode
  • High replay value.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5


Replay Value 5

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