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Valorant review

Valorant is a tactical cooperative online shooter 5 on 5 players. Your task is to destroy all enemies, capture the enemy's base, or disarm the bomb. The game has many interactive elements, interesting storylines, and good graphics. Download Valorant to your PC or game console for free. 


The gameplay of this tactical online shooter can hardly be called unique. Two teams of five people each participate in the matches up to 13 victories. During 12 rounds, one of the teams is the attacker and must kill all enemies or detonate the bomb (Spike) set by it, and the other team defends and, in the same way, all destroys or disarms the shell. The game has characters with unique abilities, almost like in Overwatch. Someone builds strong walls; someone throws local analogs of smoke grenades and Molotov cocktails. The heroes are divided into categories (specialists, duelers, guards, and defenders). In the standard mode, teams start the round at different ends of the map and, within a few seconds, can buy shields, weapons, and combat abilities in the store. 

Graphics and Audio

The graphics in the shooter Valorant has a unique style. It can not be called bad because the weapons, characters, and environment in the locations are well-designed. The texts cannot be called completely ideal and real. But you can't see any visible pixels. During the shooter game of shooter, you can see the bullet tracks, and the grenade blast partially destroys the environment. 

There are no problems with the audibility of the opponents' steps, the shooting, and planting the bomb. Everything is done to pay attention to these sounds, analyze them, and use them to win.

In-game purchases

Download the game Valorant for free. But to improve the performance of the game, you can buy additional weapons, skills, and equipment. For a separate price, you will have to buy unique skins of weapons and equipment. Do you want to look bright and original? Pay a few dollars for it. Traditionally, you can also buy cases with weapons and equipment, where you can get something unique — for example, a gold axe. 


This game is suitable for those who love to learn from their mistakes in shooters, learn the hidden from a cursory glance "chips" of heroes and weapons, and apply all efforts to win. It is a pity that it is impossible to say as much good about cosmetic monetization with all the desire - now this aspect is arranged so that there is no desire to spend your money.

The Bottom Line

Download the game Valorant, if you want to spend a few hours at a fascinating shooter in CS. The game has a well-developed cooperative mode, graphics, and gameplay. But so far, monetization leaves much to be desired. 


  • Fascinating gameplay in the spirit of Counter-Strike
  • Characters that are different from each other and have unique skills
  • Excellent optimization even on weak computers
  • Good level of graphics


  • High cost of additional weapons and equipment

Graphics 9

Gameplay 10

Controls 9

Replay Value 9

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