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Gacha Life review

Gacha Life is a fascinating casual mobile game released in 2019 on smartphones and tablets iOS and Android. The name of the game speaks for itself. It is a simulator of life in the genre of anime with lots of interactive and fascinating characters. 


Gacha Life gameplay is based on the principles of free play. On the first launch, the user configures his character anime. It can be a girl or a guy. There are more than 10 appearance parameters available, which makes each created character unique. After creating the character, the player gets into a virtual world where there are many locations: the beach, bamboo grove, park, school, the roof of the building, and much more. In each location, there are all sorts of heroes with artificial intelligence. The main character's task is to communicate with virtual friends, learn new things about them, share secrets, and improve friendship. Also, in the game, there are many mini-games to get energy (you need it to spend more time with other players).


In the casual game, Gacha Life graphics is not much different from similar projects. Characters and locations are well-drawn, but animations are monotonous. The developers point out that this game’s feature is not in the detailed graphics, but the interactive component and an interesting story. The main characters look good, especially since they can be created from scratch. But the surrounding world looks unnatural. For example, there will be only a few trees, bushes, and green lawns in the background park. 

Built-in Purchases

Download the game Gacha Life for free on your mobile device. The whole story can be passed without additional purchases. But some content is available only for money. It concerns the external design of characters, new levels, energy, and some items. 


The latest version of Gacha Life game deserves attention as a life simulator in anime style. Many users have a positive opinion about the gameplay. Each player can feel like a friend for this or that character. Life includes more than a hundred different characters, each of which has its unique personality, preferences, favorite food, and so on. To learn more about a particular character, you must first talk to him. It is a real friendship simulator with all sorts of life scenarios. 

The Bottom Line

Download Gacha Life, if you like anime simulator games. This game has many features. It does not let you feel alone because of the large number of virtual friends. Mini-games make the gameplay more fun and interesting. The developers have paid a lot of attention to details. For example, each game character, which is more than 100, has a unique character and preferences. It is why gamers love this game. It is available for free download for all comers. 


  • Plenty of interactive elements
  • Over 100 characters
  • Sophisticated dialogues
  • Free access to the game


  • Graphics leaves much to be desired

Graphics 7

Gameplay 8

Controls 9

Replay Value 9

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